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[30 Apr 2018|09:27am]
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[26 Mar 2015|05:16pm]

Borrows themes from Playtest (Black Mirror) and Westworld. CHARACTER A has been selected to test a new, ultra-realistic simulation that will allow gamers to live out their wildest fantasies. The backdrop is negotiable (horror, science fiction, medieval, etc.). Meanwhile, CHARACTER B is a "host" meant to guide the player-character throughout their journey. CHARACTER A is supposed to be able to act free of repercussion, but a malfunction renders them able to feel pain; they're unable to disconnect from the simulation and find their real-world contacts unresponsive. In a panic, they let slip to B that the world around them is a lie and they fear being stuck inside the program. CHARACTER B suggests completing the quest outlined in their narrative loop as a means of bringing the simulation to an end, and possibly freeing CHARACTER A. Along the way, they'll have to face perils typically found in a video game. Magic, monsters, and mayhem, oh my!

If you're interested, please tell me in a comment below which character you'd like to play and whether you'll be using a male or female pb. I have a slight preference toward playing the host character but ultimately will fill either role.

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